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Lack of compassion

Hi friends, how are you all doing?

Have you noticed how many people lack compassion nowadays? It is especially glaring when reading online comments. Recently, there was a tragic road accident in my country, where a 20 year old boy was speeding and lost control of his car, rammed into an SUV driven by another 20 year old boy (it was later reported that they were friends) causing the SUV to plunge into the sea. The boy in the SUV did not survive. There are reports saying that they were both racing each other, and the boy who survived was tested positive for drugs.

So what happened next? People started to leave hateful comments on the boy-who-survived’s Facebook page. I’m sure most of you have seen similar comments along the lines of asking people to kill themselves.

Now, I get that people are appalled by what happened, and understandably, many are angry and upset. But really, how many of us know the real story behind what has happened? Were they both really racing illegally? Was it only one boy who was high on drugs?

I really feel for the parents of the boy in the SUV. When I watched the video of the accident, it was horrifying. I can only imagine how his family must feel. But that is mostly what I feel. I do not feel hatred for the boy who “caused” the accident. I don’t know enough to!

People forget that when hateful comments are being thrown at people, it does not only affect that person. What about his family? Is it not bad enough that they have to deal with the knowledge of a son or brother who caused the death of someone else? How would his parents feel reading those comments?

And I am pretty sure those hateful comments will not make the “victim’s” family feel any better too.

People need to have some boundaries. Yes, with the Internet and freedom of speech, we (mostly) have the freedom to say whatever the hell we want. But just because we have the power to, doesn’t mean we should. Most of us are so quick to judge, but slow to sympathise and empathise. When we are upset with someone, we rant on Twitter or Facebook. We post complaints on the company’s website. But how many of us take the time to thank or compliment those who have helped us?

I always make it a point to write good reviews online. People need to be incentivised for going the extra mile. If all we do is make complaints known, others will not feel the need to do better – they will only need to do enough.

When someone brightens up your day, try to also light up theirs.

Besides, who are we to judge?

Be humble, stay grounded, and kill them with kindness.

Love, Jess xoxo


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