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I bought a Bluetooth keyboard

And it is life changing!

I heard this over a podcast episode at “How Do You Write?” by Rachael Herron that this writer (I cannot for the life of me remember her name) brings a wireless keyboard with her everywhere she goes. That way, she doesn’t need to carry her laptop everywhere, and can write whenever and wherever simply by connecting the wireless keyboard to her phone, which she will always have with her!

I think that it is a brilliant idea! Many times when I feel the urge to write, I do not have my laptop with me. It is extremely painful to type on my phone, and because I cannot type on my phone as quick as the speed of which my thoughts run, I lose valuable ideas. The same thing happens when I try to jot down ideas on a notebook. One, I do not always have a notebook with me (due to space constraint in whatever bag that I am carrying). Two, I cannot write fast. 

And so, I went ahead and got myself a Bluetooth keyboard and paired it to my phone. And I tell you, this is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made! Since I write mostly on Google docs anyway, all I need to do is access the app over my phone and start typing away! 

Also, in the said podcast episode, the writer mentioned that a plus point to doing this is that you do not really see what you are typing, granting you a completely free flow of thoughts to just vomit out words and ideas. You will not feel compelled to edit and curate because it is simply too difficult to on a small screen, forcing you to only focus on putting ideas onto paper, or in this case, onto e-docs. 

It’s a win-win, y’all!

So for all you writers out there who thinks it is inconvenient to lug your laptop everywhere you go, give this a try and let me know if it works out for you!

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