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What are you willing to sacrifice?

Hi friends! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas! Yes, this is the first time I am addressing you. I have learned from several blogs that when the blogger/writer greets me in their posts, it really makes me feel like we are friends. In other words, it feels amazing. So I have decided to… Continue reading What are you willing to sacrifice?

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Go with the flow

Do you find yourself embroiled in a battle between doing what makes you happy vs doing what should make you happy? And by "what should make you happy", I mean the thousands of advices found everywhere about others (mostly strangers) telling you how you should be living your life in order for you to have… Continue reading Go with the flow

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Allow yourself to do nothing

I've had a long week at work today. Work has been stressful of late, and I have been coming home at night instead of the evening. I've always been very strict about getting up early and having a productive morning. But not today. Today, I woke up and decided to not have anything planned out.… Continue reading Allow yourself to do nothing