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Spending on what matters

I will never spend more than 2,000 dollars for a phone. That’s ridiculous.

Well, I will never spend more than 1,000 dollars for a pair of shoes.

What each of us is willing to spend money on is subjective. I am willing to spend a lot more on a smart phone because to me, it brings me value. I use it for so many purposes. As a phone, as a camera, as an organiser, for my to-do’s, to keep in touch, and even as a torch light! It plays such a big role in my daily life that surely by the end of its lifespan, I would have made every dollar spent on it worth it.

And then there are my friends who can spend hundreds of thousands on cars, and thousands on shoes and bags. I will never be able to appreciate those items, but that doesn’t mean they won’t. What is important is the money spent is worth it.

It is better to spend 100 dollars on something you know that will bring value to your life or something that you absolutely love, than to spend 1 dollar on something that you will forget the next day.

I am by no means a shopaholic. I definitely do not buy clothes or fashion items often. My wardrobe is pretty minimalistic in nature, and I almost never wear any jewellery except for a pair of simple earrings, which I usually just alternate between the 3 pairs that I have. Instead, I would rather spend my money on items that I think are beneficial and wholesome to me. I would rather pay for healthy and wholesome food, for gadgets that motivate me to maintain a healthier lifestyle (like my Fitbit Versa), and for accessories that help me exercise more (like my exercise mat and a pair of new running shoes).

Some people can appreciate the value of a BMW. But for me, a car is just a tool for me to get from A to B. As long as it is sufficiently comfortable and has the necessary safety features, it is good enough for me.

The same goes for shoes. As long as they are comfortable and decent looking, I couldn’t care less if they are Ferragamos or from some flea market.

When deciding whether an item is worth spending on, it is not the price value that should be the determining factor, but rather, the value that we will get in return from that item.

And remember, what is of value to you might not be so for another.

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