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People’s opinion about us

So many of us are worried about how others see us, that we end up living for them instead for ourselves. I, for one, am guilty of that fear from time to time. Many times, I find myself buying items that I don't necessarily love, but because I feel like they "elevate" my status to… Continue reading People’s opinion about us

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Time to get my life together

Hi friends. I don't remember the last time I've written here, and now is not the time for me to go through my old posts. Not when I have this much motivation to write. Got to put all these thoughts in writing before they slip away like they always do. Clearly, my life has been… Continue reading Time to get my life together

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Don’t make it hard for people to love you

Hi friends, how are you? So, Valentine's Day was a few days ago. As in most recent years, we did not particularly celebrate - we only had dinner together (which does not happen often on a weekday). There was no gifting, simply because there really isn't anything that either of us really want, so the… Continue reading Don’t make it hard for people to love you

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The path to vegetarianism

Hi friends, how are you all doing? Last week, I made the decision to go vegetarian. After learning more about the origin of the animal products we consume, and also how this industry is impacting the animals and the environment, I am convinced that this is something that I need to do. So why didn't… Continue reading The path to vegetarianism